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Our Story

Our brewing journey began back in July 2008 in an old cutlery works in the East end of our home town, Sheffield.

After a few low-key years learning our trade we moved to bigger premises and rebranded and expanded.

Comfortable in our new home with a reputation for beers of quality and depth of flavour,  our brewing journey was well underway.

We are a small, independent, but not too traditional brewery. For us it’s all about the journey, the discovery, and our attitude to crafting beer that suits some and challenges others.

We brew uncompromised beer.  Our beer is hand-made locally in small batches using quality natural ingredients, and is served unfiltered and unpasturised.

The flavour of our beer originates from traditional brewing ingredients and the skill, care and attention we take. Everything we do is to enhance the flavour and quality of the beer styles we brew.

As a small brewery with no shareholders to answer to, we are free to interpret historic styles with unique twists.  All our beers are made with traditional ingredients, British malted barley, hops from around the globe, natural yeast and Yorkshire water. That’s it, beer with nothing taken out.

We’re enjoying the journey and hope you can join us for part of the way, or at least a pint or two.

We also operate our very own pub, the Harlequin,  check out their website here.

Exit 33 Brewing always have been and always will be above fair living wage employers.