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Drink and do something helpful!

Annie (pictured here adding a hop charge) supported our local youth homeless charity Roundabout by purchasing a raffle ticket at The Harlequin pub charity quiz night. She won a brewing experience day with us! And she helped brew a charity beer to help further support the organisation. When you see it on a pump, get it …


Magna Festival Showcase

The mega beer festival of the North starts on Thursday night (11th June) through Saturday 13th. We are showcasing Hop Monster, Mosaic, Thirst Aid, Stout, IPA and Ginger Daze. There will be around 250 real ales on handpump, as well as ciders, wines and world beers and also more than 40 live music performances during the …


Sheffield Food Festival – beer showcase.

Once again as part of the annual Sheffield Food Festival the Sheffield Brewers Collective, a group of local brewers who collaborate each year, will be showcasing their beers at the event. Expect beers from Exit 33 Brewing, Woodstreet Brewery, Abbeydale Brewery, Kelham Island Brewery, The Sheffield Brewery Company and Blue Bee Brewery.  The marquee will …


Lights , camera, action!

Project film makers came to film a days brewing at the brewery a few weeks ago.  This short film follows the process from grain to glass culminating in pints being pulled at the brewery tap The Harlequin. It has been said that we have faces more suited to radio than the tellybox but if you’re …


Strength meets Beauty

We have already brewed our Christmas special at the start of Spring! This is an extravagantly good hearty stout weighing in at 7.0% ABV. The sumptuous blend of malts collide to produce a potent strength and robust flavour that is to be savoured as a pleasurable indulgence. The majority of it will be aged in …



The next in our series of monthly specials will be released soon.  This month our brewers have crafted a golden bronze colour beer made with the finest Maris Otter pale malt with a hint of light crystal. Named after the principle hop, Calypso, it has a pleasant fruity flavour balanced by a subtle malt backbone.  And …


You a Facebooker?

Worried that Facebook is killing meaningful communication? Worry no longer because here at Exit 33 Brewing we morphed from our old Facebook page to a brand new shiny one at https://www.facebook.com/Exit33Brewing So if you have a life outside social media but can’t remember the password for it,  you can now see more stuff and things to raise …


Sunshine on a rainy day

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t dream of warmer days! We’ve introduced a bit of Summer sunshine in a glass into the cold gloom with our new seasonal special Winter Pale. See the ‘Our Beers’ page for the latest info.


Fancy a sesh? – January Special Brew

Brewers (more than most people) like a bit of a session on a decent beer, so it’s no surprise that our latest monthly special is called ‘Sesh’ Now we like most beers here at Exit 33 Brewing but what we really admire in a brew is its ‘session ability’ In other words does it make …


As the past exits, the future beckons

You will probably be aware that we re-branded and changed from The Brew Company to Sky’s Edge Brewing. You may also aware through recent announcements that we hit a snag and found ourselves infringing a community trademark within our new name. This has been one of those unfortunate instances when a decision taken for the …

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