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Occasional Beers

Community Support Beer

Yellow Ribbon 4.0% –  November / December

Brewed to help a local group of residents with the legal fees required to challenge Sheffield City Council who are felling the city’s beautiful street trees without considering alternatives.  If like us you think mature trees should out live us then please buy this beer!!  It’s a pale ale brewed with Citra and El Dorado. 

Buy a pint, save a tree!

click to read more https://savesheffieldtrees.org.uk/

Carbon Copy 6.0% –  October / November

A dark Cascadian ale (we don’t call it a black IPA because there’s no such thing!)  This beer is complex, made with speciality German malts it is very dark with a good malt profile and then the hops hit you! A heady mix of  Columbus, Bravo, Simcoe and Zeus. Get in!

Azacca IPA 5.0% – October Special

India Pale Ale hopped exclusively with Azacca hops named after the Hatian God of Agriculture. – Big in citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Simpatico 4.5% – October / November

A golden ale brewed with Amarillo & Citra hops.
Balanced with Munich malt and unmalted oats.

Centennial IPA 5.0% – November

A single hop IPA made with Centennial hops.

Golden Cascade 4.5% – Occasional

A great tasting well-balanced pint characterised by a fresh hoppy clean taste through the use of Cascade hops. This beer is brewed with Munich malt, which adds a golden hue and imparts a sweet malty and biscuity background flavour. We also add a smidge of Centennial & El Droado to bring out the fruity freshness of Cascades.  The result is malt and hops complimenting each other perfectly.

Two Tone 4.6% – Occasional

Very much like the ska revival music this beer takes its name from, we have fused tradition with attitude and energy to bring you a magnificent meld of flavours between three great hops, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic. This brew is hop bombed after the boil to lock in those essential hop oils and then dry hopped in the fermenter to add an extra kick.

Yellow Rose 4.5% – Occasional

This Pale golden beer takes it’s name from the single hop used in the brew called Amarillo. (Amarillo city being known as the Yellow Rose of Texas)
Norfolk pale malt is complimented by sweeter Light Munich malt to enhance the soft floral nature of the Amarillo hops.

Chevallier 4.8% -Released late June

A pale ale brewed using a Herritage malt strain that was popular during the early 1800’s.  The malt has been been resurected and is again been grown in small amount.  We tasted the grains and were blown away by the richness of flavour.  Hopped using a fuggle / golding cross breed hop.  A very special Britsh ale with a forgotten history. Help us bring this malt back!

Read more about it here http://exit33.beer/chevallier-forgotten-malt/

Hopnotised 4.0% Occasional

A golden orange pale beer which takes elements from three of our favourite beer recipes.  Hop flavours abound with a liberal use of late and dry hopping techniques using Azacca, Simcoe, Chinook, Mosaic and Citra hops.  Balance and colour is provided by the sweet Munich malt

Simcoe 4.1% Occasional

A hop forward light session ale showcasing this fantastic hop with unique pine & citrus characteristics

Mad Skillz  4.6% – Occasional

A pale beer with a strong American hop profile. Dry hopped during fermentation for that little extra kick. Mad Skillz were present throughout the brewing process!

Cookie Monster 4.6%

Chocolate cookie vanilla porter. Yep you read that right!  We combined likewise ingredients that you might find in a cookie recipe including toasted wheat, oats, dark Munich malt for sweetness and chocolate malt. We also toasted lots of organic cacao nibs and added them to the mash and the boil.  The finished dark brown porter was then infused with fresh Madagascan vanilla pods in the cask.

Conquest 4.7% – Occasional

A pale ale with a huge hit of Centennial hops. Centennial is like Cascade with background flavours of pine, mild citrus, and some floral notes.  It has a clean, bright bitterness and is refreshingly easy to drink

Generation X 4.2% –  Available February / March

A pale session ale big in citrus & tropical fruit notes. Hopped generously with Azzaca, Bravo & Mosaic hops. Definitely a beer for the latchkey kids of the 70’s.  *Can be drunk without adult supervision.

Night Light 4.6% –  Available February / March

Golden orange in colour with a hop forward flavour.  Hopped with U.S hops all the way! Centennial, Columbus & Simcoe. Brewed with a large percentage of Munich malt to balance the large hop presence.

Lightweight 3.8% –  Occasional

This pale ale may be small on strength but it’s big on flavour. It has a moderate to high hop flavour, showing a citrusy American hop character, the balance being towards the late hops and bitterness, but with a pleasant biscuity malt presence.

An eminently quaffable pleasant little session ale

Triple Hop 4.3% – Occasional

Each time they brew this pale beer our brewers change the recipe to try yet another great hop combo.  Light and easy drinking with fruity hop flavours.

Citra Smash 6.5% –  Seasonal (Nov/Dec)

A Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beer. Massive amounts of late hopping and continuous dry hopping throughout fermentation ensures the distinctive citrus flavour imparted by the amazing Citra hop is there in abundance

Summer Breeze 4.3% Seasonal

(Jul – Aug)

A crisp and refreshing pale session ale with just the right balance of soft citrus hops for a thirst-quenching brew that’s perfect on any summer day

As Seals & Crofts taught us: ‘A little light a-shinin’ through the window
lets me know everything is alright, Summer breeze makes me feel fine’

Citrella 4.8% – Occasional

American cascade hops lend bitterness whilst late additions of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin & Australian Ella provide fruity floral notes. Dry hopping in the fermenter with Citra gives that unmistakeable citrus character to this fine pale ale.

Winter Pale 4.0% seasonal (Dec-Feb)

Pale ale isn’t just for the summer right? Brewed with the finest English malt and a marriage of copious quantities of two North American hops.  There’s plenty of spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit. The addition of El Dorado hops gives extra floral and tropical notes. It’s very refreshing with an enjoyable dry bitter finish

Ginger Daze 3.8% – Seasonal (June)

A pale ale brewed with copious amounts of fresh root ginger. Unfined and naturally hazy just as a ginger beer should be. One for the summer!

Whisky Cask Nut Brown Ale 6.0%- Seasonal (Nov – Dec)

A Strong Brown Ale Matured for 12 months in wooden whisky casks. A complex big beer, strong on malt flavour with background oak and whisky

Hop Kiss 3.9% – Occasional

 It’s an easy drinker at only 3.9% and is hopped generously but carefully.  German lager hops are complimented by  late additions of  American varieties. Also dry hopped during fermentation with the revered Amarillo variety. 

Nicaraguan Rum Cask Stout 7.0% – Seasonal (Nov-Dec)

An imperial oat stout matured in Nicaraguan rum casks for 12 months.  About as good as it gets for stout lovers!

One for the Road 4.3% –  Occasional

A pale ale brewed with a fantastic  blend of hops including El Dorado, Amarillo & Azacca which make a hoppy full-flavoured session ale