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Occasional Beers

Community Support Beer

Yellow Ribbon 4.0% –  Nov / Dec

Brewed to help a local group of residents with the legal fees required to challenge Sheffield City Council who are felling the city’s beautiful street trees without considering alternatives.  If like us you think mature trees should out live us then please buy this beer!!  It’s a pale ale brewed with Citra and El Dorado. 

Buy a pint, save a tree!

click to read more https://savesheffieldtrees.org.uk/

Mocha 6.5% Nov / Dec

Luscious and rich in flavour with a very thick mouth feel balanced by warming alcohol notes. Fresh Columbian coffee beans were roasted, ground and cold pressed for 36 hours to extract a smoother coffee flavour. This was added to the oat stout along with Lactose (milk sugars) to produce a mocha style milk stout. Hints of chocolate coupled with coffee meld in the glass to become a stout lovers dream

Carbon Copy 6.0% –  SOLD OUT

A dark Cascadian ale (we don’t call it a black IPA because there’s no such thing!)  This beer is complex, made with speciality German malts it is very dark with a good malt profile and then the hops hit you! A heady mix of  Columbus, Bravo, Simcoe and Zeus. Get in!

Centennial IPA 5.0% – November

A single hop IPA made with Centennial hops.

Golden Cascade 4.5% – Occasional

A great tasting well-balanced pint characterised by a fresh hoppy clean taste through the use of Cascade hops. This beer is brewed with Munich malt, which adds a golden hue and imparts a sweet malty and biscuity background flavour. We also add a smidge of Centennial & El Droado to bring out the fruity freshness of Cascades.  The result is malt and hops complimenting each other perfectly.

Citra Smash 6.5% –  December

A Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beer. Massive amounts of late hopping and continuous dry hopping throughout fermentation ensures the distinctive citrus flavour imparted by the amazing Citra hop is there in abundance

Winter Pale 4.0% seasonal (Dec-Feb)

Pale ale isn’t just for the summer right? Brewed with the finest English malt and a marriage of copious quantities of two North American hops.  There’s plenty of spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit. The addition of El Dorado hops gives extra floral and tropical notes. It’s very refreshing with an enjoyable dry bitter finish