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As the past exits, the future beckons


You will probably be aware that we re-branded and changed from The Brew Company to Sky’s Edge Brewing. You may also aware through recent announcements that we hit a snag and found ourselves infringing a community trademark within our new name.

This has been one of those unfortunate instances when a decision taken for the better good of our future backfired. We are however undeterred and will keep on brewing no matter what bureaucratic nonsense pops up to hassle us. And believe me, there is plenty of that around!

With this in mind, we chose a new name.  This is our new identity and we have been reborn as Exit 33 Brewing. Most of our beer spends some time passing through Exit 33, which is Sheffield’s geographical point on the M1 so the name made sense.

Great things loom on the horizon and Exit 33 brewing has an ambitious program ahead. We already deliver locally and around Yorkshire, through to the North East, Merseyside and the North West, the Midlands, Notts, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. We are also expanding our sales reach to include London and the South West and are on the look out for a second pub or bar to compliment The Harlequin. So if you know of one that would suit us just get in touch via the contact page.

So, sorry for the confusion, with three names in as many months it’s been a hectic time and rather stressful but we have emerged stronger and wiser than ever, brewing the same great beers and forging new beery relationships far and wide.


The team at Exit 33 Brewing

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