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Strength meets Beauty


We have already brewed our Christmas special at the start of Spring! This is an extravagantly good hearty stout weighing in at 7.0% ABV. The sumptuous blend of malts collide to produce a potent strength and robust flavour that is to be savoured as a pleasurable indulgence. The majority of it will be aged in oak Speyside Whisky casks until December but we will be releasing a few versions of the stout in our brewery tap The Harlequin in Sheffield. The first one to hit the pumps will be the unaltered original, followed by a version infused with Madagascan vanilla pods. Up next will be a milk stout version with added lactose, then one version will be aged on smoked chipotle chilli peppers. There will also be one infused with bourbon soaked cinnamon sticks. That should temp your taste buds until the festive release. Cheers!

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